What are the most common problems for international students abroad?

  • I'm planning to study abroad and I want to know which are the most common problems faced by international students when they study abroad. What can I do to avoid or overcome them?

  • Hey Myra,

    There are a bunch of problems that students commonly face when they study abroad. Here are some of the problems faced by students-

    1. Homesickness
      Missing your family and friends is one of the most common problems faced by students who study abroad. The best way to overcome your homesickness is to engage in various activities and clubs in your new city.

    2. Losing your way
      New places can be tricky to navigate and there are possibilities of you getting lost over there. The trick to avoiding such situations is being prepared with maps beforehand until you get a hang of the directions of the new place.

    3. Managing your funds
      Studying abroad can be a little heavy on your pocket and you may end up you’re your money reaching as low as two digits before the month end. You must, therefore, plan extensively before spending in order to space out your expenditures.

    4. Sincerely attending classes
      You have a new country to explore with no one to tell you otherwise. So, it’s only natural to feel like you should go out and explore instead of attending those lectures. In situations like these, you must remember your end goal and what you are trying to accomplish.

    5. Time zone differences
      Your friends and family may live in another time zone. This could cause issues while trying to contact them. So don't be sad when skype calls don't work out or there is a gap in communication.

    6. Feeling left out
      Studying in a foreign country can be a cultural shock for students. It is also completely natural for students to sometimes feel excluded among the new group of people. At times like these, you should try to understand the new and exciting culture and experience it with an open mind.

    7. Language barriers
      The country you study in may not always have the same language as yours so, language barriers are inevitable. The best way to overcome this is to take it as a learning opportunity and try to familiarise yourself with the language as much as possible.

    Hope these reasons give you all the info you needed! If you have any more questions about studying abroad, you can always contact iSchoolConnect or ask them here. Happy studying!

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