Graduate schools that don't have application fee ?

  • Could someone tell me about graduate schools that don't have an application fee ?

  • Hey Adrika,
    Most Universities abroad require you to pay application fees. However, quite a few of these universities also offer application fee waivers for the students that provide enough evidence that they need it. Some of those many universities that do offer fee waivers are: South-western University, Yale University, University of Vermont. However, its important to remember that a decision like this is very subjective and the decision lies in the hands of the university you apply to.
    You can definitely apply to the university office to try your luck, or you could also apply to iSchoolConnect who offer application fee waivers for various universities.

  • You can pick a university and a course
    Once you're done with that, you will find on the program page if they give application fee waivers
    If yes, see the conditions based on which they give a waiver
    If you qualify, apply for it!