Best discounts to fly to U.S ?

  • how to avail the best discounts as a student while flying to the U.S ?

  • Hey Natasha,
    Getting student discount flights is something most students look for while booking their flight tickets. So here are a few tips on how to fly cheap that you could use while booking flights to study abroad.

    1. It is advised to look for flights well in advance (atleast 9 months prior) for you to get the best discounts in flights.
    2. Check for websites that provide student discounts over the price stated
    3. Find out which is the cheapest place near you to fly from
    4. Book connecting flights for cheaper fares
    5. Try looking for refundable airfares so that in case of an emergency you don't loose your money.

    There's a blog about some super helpful flight tips for students( that you can take a look at.