What are the different types of university interviews?

  • I applied to a data science program, and the page simply says that they'll conduct an interview in case I get shortlisted.
    I don't know what it'll be about or what kind of questions they will ask.
    Do you know what the different kinds of interviews they might take are?

  • Hi Reena,
    The university will most likely prompt you about the interview well in advance. However, I have also heard that sometimes, you only get 2 days to prepare.
    There are a few common types of interviews universities take-

    1. A recorded video interview - you will receive a pre-recorded set of questions on your screen, and you'll be allowed to take some seconds to prepare before answering each question
    2. Informal QnA sessions - several students will be called at the same time, and the mediator will judge you based on your preparedness, presentation, and communication skills
    3. One on one - this is the regular kind of interview that gets conducted over a telephone or Skype
    4. Some universities also conduct group sessions and case studies as part of their interview process