I have just one small typo in my SOP.

  • I have just one small typo in my SOP. How big of a problem could this be when it is reviewed by the admissions committee?

  • Hey there,

    One small typo won't cause you too much of a problem especially, if most of your SOP is well-written. Most people ignore the typo and assume that it's a genuine mistake. But if there are more than one or two mistakes in your Statement of Purpose, then it shows your carelessness. So make sure you get your SOP proofread either by online tools and that you don't make the same mistakes again. Here are some tips to follow while writing SOP for future universities:

    1. The most common tip would be not to over think and let it go.
    2. If the typo is some official date or title then that could affect your application and make a bad impression. While universities don't usually allow re submissions, you could try writing an official email to the university and request to rectify your mistake.
    3. The last tip would be to check if your university offers re submissions

    Hope this helped you out.