F-1 visa interview questions.

  • What do they ask in a F-1 visa interview for USA?

  • There are different categories in which the questions are divided. But mostly the interviewer focuses on questions regarding your chosen college or university, bank & finance details, family background, work experience, and other general questions. Let's see some examples of commonly asked questions in a student visa interview:

    1. College & University - Which university or college you want to apply to and why did you choose to go to this specific university or college?
    2. Bank & Finance - If you plan to stay for few years, how are you going to finance your education and your living?
    3. Family background - Do you have any other relatives who live in the United States?
    4. Work & Job - Where did you work and what is your work experience?
    5. General Questions - This will include general questions like, why america?, your scores, ideas about some topic, etc.