How are student profiles evaluated?

  • How are student profiles evaluated in the admission process for Master of Science programs at universities in the USA?

  • Usually, a university admissions officer checks the student application. While doing so, they will check your your overall profile. This will include your grades, qualifying exam scores, work experience (if any), volunteering experience, your social profile, documents i.e transcripts, visa, other documents asked by the university.

    1. Grades- this will include your previous academic scores. If you are applying for masters then your bachelor's GPA and scores will be taken into account. This is done to check if you are eligible for getting admission or not.
    2. Qualifying exam scores- this includes your TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT/PTE/SAT scores. The type of exam depends upon the course or university you are applying to.
    3. Documents- The documents that universities usually ask for is valid visa, your transcripts i.e your academic manuscripts, any certificates, accomplishments, Statement of purpose, Letters of recommendation, etc.
    4. Work experience- If you are applying for masters then most universities ask for work experience. And a minimum of 1 to 5 years is required. However, keep in mind that it completely depends upon the university and program you apply to. For example, most MBA programs need work experience while MS programs don't.

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  • Even extra-curricular
    If you have done more things outside of your academics, it shows you're creative
    Like if you have any hobbies, the competitions you've won, or something on those lines...
    That'd make your profile stand out!