Universities in USA with Good Scholarships for International (Indian) Students.

  • Hi,

    I am a Student in Class 10th and I have recently stumbled upon your channel on Youtube. (P.S. I am about to pass from the Xth std. this year and will enter into Class 11th, ICSE board.)

    Could you please give me the best road-map for studying A.I. and Computer Science at a Prestigious University in the USA? Preferably an Institution which offers a good Scholarship like Need-Blind one as I belong to a Middle Class Family.

    I missed the NTSE exam by a mark this year but am aiming to clear KVPY for a national achievement for my application.

    Please suggest some more ways I can earn co-curricular achievements while completing my School.

  • Hi Swayam,
    Here's the roadmap you should follow-

    1. Read about the course.
      Computer Science is a vast field and AI itself has a lot of applications.
      Read blogs & look at YouTube videos to find out what you want to specialize in.
    2. Go through the universities that offer your chosen course.
      See if the syllabus matches your interests.
      You can start your search with the Top 20 CS Universities in the US.
    3. There are certain requirements for a need-based scholarship.
      You need good academic scores and extra-curricular activities on your resume.
      Plus, you should have documents to prove your financial status.
    4. For extra-curricular, participate in sports, music, etc. - a field that interests you.
      Volunteering in an NGO would be a great add on.

    Let me know how else I can help.

  • Here's a list of NGOs you can work for

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