UCLA vs Caltech, what should I choose?

  • Which is better UCLA or Caltech? I have a BE in Computer science and I want to know about the different types of MS programs at UCLA and Caltech?

  • Choosing the right university depends upon many factors. Both the universities are good in their own way. If you consider the world university rankings, then UCLA's world ranking is 35 and Caltech's is 5. Both universities offer a lot of courses, but as you have done computer science in your undergraduate then you can opt for MS in computer science. For UCLA, the average tuition fees are $31,949 and the average salary would be around $74,000. The acceptance rate for UCLA is 18%. Now Caltech also offers computer science-related courses and is more popular among students who pursue programs in CS. The average tuition fees for this are around $41,538 and the average salary is about $80,000 with a very strict acceptance rate of 9%. So, I'd guess that Caltech is more popular than UCLA in terms of its MS in CS program but rest assured, UCLA's is also very reputable. I hope this info helps you choose. If you want to know about more such universities check out this blog - https://ischoolconnect.com/blog/top-20-universities-for-masters-in-computer-science/

  • Caltech, hands down. But you should have the right qualifications for it.