Need to know how to apply for a US student visa. Can someone tell me a step-by-step procedure for that?

  • I would really like to know more about this!

  • Hey Myra
    Applying for a US student Visa is a methodic process. Commonly, this is the procedure you can follow:

    1. Apply to colleges and get admission
    2. Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee: SEVIS stands for Student Exchange Visitor Information system. You must pay a fee of about $200 after which the college issues an I-20 form which you must present to your designated counselor at the VISA interview.
    3. Schedule and make preparations for your interview: You must now book an interview in order to get your Visa. Your interview plays a key role in determining if you get a Visa or not. Be sure to prepare for the commonly asked questions.
      If you want, you can read all of this and more in this blog( that talks about how to get your student Visa for the U.S and all the preparation that goes into it.

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