Which is cheaper UK or Australia?

  • Is it true that studying in Europe is cheaper than studying in Australia? Which countries is better for MBA?

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  • They are almost similar but yes it is a little cheaper in the UK than studying in Australia. For example, the University of Oxford's MBA program will cost you 62,500 pounds ($81,093) and it is the highest. The lowest cost for the MBA program in the UK is at Brunel University and it costs around 29,000 pounds ($37,751). The cost for an MBA in Australia at the University of Melbourne is around $76,900 and the lowest cost you will get for the MBA program is at RMIT University and the cost is around $36,352. So, in conclusion, the UK is cheaper than Australia for an MBA program

  • Yes, it is cheaper
    If you're considering other countries in the same price bracket, though...
    Look at US and Switzerland also

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