On Campus Vs Off Campus

  • Which is cheaper- On campus or off campus accommodation?

  • "Hey Radhika,

    Choosing between On-campus and Off-campus can be tough. Usually Off Campus accommodations are cheaper as you can share a room/house with other people and on-campus costs more because universities tend to charge higher and provide better amenities. However, this may differ from university to university. On-Campus accommodations usually range from $800-$3000. These usually depend upon the universities, and you can check it out on their websites. For off-campus accommodation there are rentals and home stays. At rentals, you can get roommates to share your financial burdens. At home stays, you can get a homely feel as you get to stay with a family and you will get to know their culture . For more information you can checkout this blog it will give you more information about this https://ischoolconnect.com/blog/international-student-accommodation-options/ "