How to choose program

  • How should I choose my Majors and minors for my undergraduate degree?

  • As I want to do Diploma in Computer Programming (CoOpt) from Canada which college is the best for it having low fee and scholarship and pr chances will be more?

  • Hey Radhika,
    While choosing your Major/Minor to study abroad, you should consider these factors:

    1. Career Analysis: Check and find out the careers that could stem out of the Major you select. If you are not sure about what you want to do, make sure to choose a course that doesn't specialize too much so that you have the flexibility of choosing a variety of careers in that path.
    2. Earning Potential: Understand the prospective remittance that you could get after your bachelors to understand whether the Return on investment is worth it or not.
    3. Subjects that you love: Decide on a subject that you have an interest in. Doing a course that you don't like will eventually pull you down and hinder you from performing to the best of your abilities.
      It should be noted that different students will prioritize the different points mentioned based on their preferences. We at iSchoolConnect could help you make a well-informed decision to achieve your study abroad dreams. You could also contact us for further information.

  • You can consider colleges like
    Université de Montréal
    University of Alberta
    McMaster University
    University of Waterloo
    Queen’s University
    And more