How do I do an MS in architecture in Harvard ?

  • How do I do an MS in architecture in Harvard ?

  • Hey, Harvard graduate school of architecture is one of the great architecture colleges inside the USA. Harvard requires a four year Bachelor in Science or Bachelor in Arts in any subject or Bachelors Degree in multiple constitutions, with Architecture being the main course. As part of your application procedure, you are expected to submit a portfolio as well. Harvard's minimal TOEFL IBT rating is ninety two with at least 23 in each section. And the favored rating is 104, with 26 in every section. Harvard also accepts online programs. You can check the utility deadlines and observe for this system here. If you wanted to get further details you could check iSchoolConnect's blog on 'All about Harvard University' here. For assistance with applications and studying abroad, you can give us a call on +91 22 62863000

  • Check out the details here, Myra. Since it's the official website, you'll get great information.