Here's what universities look for in a student's application:

  • Re: What type of candidates are universities abroad looking for?

    Hey Shruti,

    While many students believe that university admissions are all about scores, your profile has a lot of factors. Your scores, Statement of Purpose, Letter of recommendation, extracurriculars, and other factors helps the admissions office decide if you’re the perfect candidate for their program. Some of the other factors that universities look for are:

    -If the student can not only handle but also thrive under the higher education pressure and won’t drop out.
    -If they intellectually contribute to the university and wouldn’t drag down or detract from academic progress. Students who would teach and learn from each other and strengthen their educational community.
    -Can provide unique perspectives, skills, values, vision, talents, etc. and will use these abilities for the betterment of the college and student body.
    -Will be engaged in social and cultural activities, debates, enriching discussions, and in building relationships.
    -Demonstrate leadership qualities in their thoughts and actions. Will get things done and make a mark on the college and the world. Will go on to do even greater things.

    Basically, universities around the globe look for student profiles that will make a positive mark on their institution and build upon their reputation and prestige. If you have what it takes to live up to it, you should definitely apply for education abroad regardless of your scores or other factors! If you need help applying to universities abroad or finding out which university is perfect for you, you should try contacting iSchoolConnect. They help you find programs and scholarships and help you get into the perfect university. You should check them out!

  • Also, networking
    The way you communicate and present yourself is also important