deciding on universities!

  • How do i decide which university to study in abroad?

  • Hey Prateek,
    If you have decided on studying abroad, your first decision must be choosing the country that best suits you. iSchoolConnect has a put up a blog( for you to make that decision simpler. The next step is to look at the criteria and the availability of the program(s) that you are interested in so that you could shortlist around 4-5 universities. Next, compare these shortlisted universities to see what suits you the best. One important factor while shortlisting universities is cost. So keep that in mind and be on the lookout for different scholarships that you could avail to keep the costs as low as possible. For assistance regarding studying abroad and how to go about it contact us at(

  • First, you have to pick your course
    Then, choose the country or countries you want to apply to
    Check out the course curriculum for the top universities in those countries
    Look at the faculty, research, student experience, job opportunities, and cost
    Then decide what suits you the best

  • Oh, also.
    Don't forget to consider things like the weather and the community.
    These factors might not seem important at first, but they can play a pretty big role after you get there.