No of scholarships per person?

  • How many scholarships can I get abroad for pursuing an MBA?

  • Hey Prateek,
    Well, it all depends on if you qualify for the scholarship and check all the criteria set in place. Moreover, you could either get one full scholarship that is provided from the university of multiple scholarships from many organizations. Your goal must be to reduce the amount of fees to pay instead of bagging multiple scholarships. If you are an Indian student, these are the organizations you can apply to:

    1. S N Bose Scholars Program
    2. Nehru Full-Bright Scholarship
    3. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship.
      Apart from these, you could also apply to the college in question for a scholarship too. For more information regarding studying abroad, you could contact us at(

  • If you apply for JN Tata Scholarship, you'll get the full tuition cost, living expenses, and air travel cost covered
    If you apply for some other scholarship, they might give you only a small amount
    It depends