profile evaluation for GRE 328

  • Which US universities should I target for an MS in Computer Science with my profile?
    GRE: 328 (172 Q + 156 V + 4.5 AWA)
    CGPA: 7.56 from BIT Mesra
    TOEFL: Will appear next week
    Will have 3 years work experience by July 2016 as a software dev plus one pending patent

  • Hey Adrika,
    Your GRE score makes you eligible for scholarships because 320+ is considered a good score in a GRE exam. Also, having 3 years of work experience should make your profile look very strong. Based on your profile, you should target Ivy league schools such as:

    1. MIT
    2. Stanford University
    3. Harvard University
    4. Cornell University.
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  • You have a great score. If you play your cards right with your SOP/Application you can easily target any global IVY League university