Masters in Canada how to ?

  • How to proceed for higher studies i.e masters in Canada?

  • Hey Prateek,
    Applying for masters in Canada might seem like a complicated task but it is not impossible. After you have your competitive exam scores in hand, the first step in proceeding towards studying in Canada would be shortlisting universities and programs that pique your interest and checking the requirements for the particular course. While not all universities require GRE/GMAT, it is advised to attempt it. And choosing the right university and program can be very tricky. So it's always better to get help from a counselor who can guide you through the whole process. You could contact iSchoolConnect at( to get more help on the issue.

  • Totally agree with you Christine
    After that, you also have to look for scholarships, get your visa, and prepare to fly
    Then you have to find accommodation
    I think the entire process will take 12 months easily 😕

  • Hi Prateek
    Here's an article that you will find very helpful!