Indian VS America system of Teaching

  • Could someone tell me the difference between the Indian and American system of teaching?

  • Hey Natasha,
    Some of the main differences between the American and Indian method of Teaching are:

    1. Curriculum: The Indian curriculum focuses its attention towards the theoritical aspect. While the American system concentrates on the Practical approach of teaching.
    2. Competition: While the competion amongst students is great wherever you go, there are a fewer number of students who opt to do their Masters in the U.S then there are in India. Therefore you have a better chance at getting into universities in the U.S then in India.
    3. Research: The United States are a good place for students who want to study in areas of research and academics. There practical way of studies help facilitate this.

  • About the competition, your classmates will be from all over the world
    So, even if there will be fewer people in your class, they are going to be brilliant
    You'll get to learn a lot from them