TOEFL Integrated writing tips

  • Any tips for the task?

  • The ideal way to solve this problem is to take notes-

    • Start by reading the passage, slowly.
    • Since it’s a short passage, the amount of time allotted will be more than enough.
    • As you read each para, write down one sentence (of 4-5 words) describing what you learned from that paragraph.
    • Do this for the entire passage.
    • When you’re listening to the audio, again make notes.
    • Write down the primary points leading the argument in the recording.
    • When it’s time to start writing, take a few seconds.
    • Collate all your points and structure your answer.

  • Yes, but if you focus too much on writing, you might miss out on a few things
    So I suggest you write points instead of sentences while making notes