Exams reuired to study in U.S

  • Which exams are required to study in USA?

  • Hey Zeeshan,
    The exams that you should focus on in order to study in the U.S are:

    1. GRE/GMAT(Based on MS or MBA preference)
    2. IELTS/TOEFL(Based on the choice of University selected)
      The exams talked about are in general applicable to most universities in the U.S. It is advised for you to decide on the universities that you want to target and determine the requirements of those universities. Based on those requirements you should prepare and give your exams. That being said, there are quite a few US schools that don't require GRE. You could read this blog(https://ischoolconnect.com/blog/us-schools-without-gre/) to know the different universities that don't require GRE.