who to ask for letter of recommendation ?

  • Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

  • Hey There-,
    The people who are best suited to write your letter of recommendation depends upon the program that you want to pursue abroad. For example, if you want to pursue a Masters in the U.S, you should get your letter of recommendation signed by your superiors at the companies you worked at. On the other hand, to pursue courses such as B.Tech/M. Tech abroad, you should look at getting your teachers in college/school to write your letter of recommendation.

  • Depends:
    If you are a student just about to graduate-
    2 LORs from professors you have worked with
    1 LOR from where you interned/volunteered
    If you are a working professional (<2 years)-
    1 LOR from a professor you have worked with
    2 LORs from your superiors
    If you are a working professional (>2 years)-
    2 LORs from superiors
    1 LOR from where you've volunteered/done some course from

  • If you are an entrepreneur,
    Ask your mentors or co-founders

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