How do i shorten my sop?

  • My SOP is right now 1200 words
    NYU wants a 500 SOP
    Please help me shorten it

  • Your question is pretty subjective.
    However, I will try to answer it best as I can.
    Shorten your intro to 2-3 lines.
    Hit with major points about your projects, internships, and work experiences, not giving more than 2-3 lines to each.
    Shorten the para that talks about your extra-curricular activities.
    It's important to highlight why the university and the program you are applying for best fit for you. This is the one part of your SOP you should not comprise on.
    Let your conclusion be a single line.
    Hope this helped.

  • Get rid of adverbs and adjectives
    If you have 5 of them, cut down to 1
    It helps a lot