Personal Statement

  • How is a Personal Statement different from an SOP?

  • Hi Ella,
    That is a great question.
    See, while an SOP is written in a more professional tone, your Personal Statement will have a hint of emotion in it.
    In a Personal Statement, you have to explain why you chose the university and the program based on your personal experiences.
    For example, how, a friend/family facing an issue gave you an idea for a project, and you fell in love with the subject.
    See where I am going with this?
    You don't have to be formal. You have to be your true, authentic self.

  • In your Personal Statement, you'll have to emphasize more on how your personal life led you to make decisions about your professional life
    So, you have to make sure you don't stray away from talking about your career and interests as you write about your personal life