LOR Process

  • Hi, what's the standard process of writing and submitting an LOR?

    1. Go through to the "Apply" section of the program you wish to apply to
    2. See how many Letters of Recommendation are needed (most universities ask for three letters)
    3. Choose who you want to ask for a recommendation (if you're a student, take 2 letters from your teachers and 1 from where you did an internship)
    4. Write the letters yourself (your recommender will usually not have the time to do it), make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, and get them signed
    5. In the Application Portal of the website, you will be asked to enter the details about your recommenders
    6. Within 24 hours, an email with an upload link will be sent to your recommender
    7. Notify your recommender and make sure they upload the letter (in pdf format) before the application deadline

    Important - delete the file properties of the letter you've written before sending it to your recommender for signing and uploading

  • You can refer this blog to see how to write it