Dilema as to what colleges prefer, B.tech scores or M.Tech scores?

  • I am a student who has done an M.Tech in India. I want to pursue my Masters abroad. What will universities in the U.S consider, My M.Tech scores or my B.Tech scores ?

  • Hey Amandeep,
    Universities in the U.S will consider both, your M.Tech as well as B.Tech scores before they decide to give you admission in their colleges. When you apply to universities for MS in USA, already having a Masters degree and applying for a second one definitely boosts your profile and increases your chances of getting into the university of your choice. If you need suggestions on which universities to apply for MS in USA, take a look at this blog- https://ischoolconnect.com/blog/top-universities-for-ms-in-usa/

  • But while you're applying, make sure the program is also for students who have already done their masters
    Usually, programs welcome masters students for graduate courses
    But keep an eye out for that condition, just in case

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