When is the right time to reappear for GMAT?

  • When is the right time to reappear for GMAT? Do top business schools admit students without work experience?

  • As GMAT scores are valid up to 5 years, it gives students some time to reattempt if they are not satisfied with their performance. But I would suggest that you give the exam preparation 1 year after your previous test, before you attempt GMAT again. And as for the work experience, while most universities expect you to have at least 2-3 years of work experience before you apply for an MBA, there are many universities in USA, UK, Australia, and even Europe and Canada, that allow students to apply for a Freshers' MBA program. So, find the universities that offer those programs or get some work experience and then apply. If you need help finding universities, you can always contact iSchoolConnect. You can also check out a few of these top MBA universities worldwide:

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    3. MBA in Canada

  • I think 6 months is good enough
    Given that you have spent enough time working on your weak points and fixing them