• Which exam should I give IELTS or TOEFL?

  • Both the tests are conducted to check your English proficiency so you have to be good in the language. While both tests are acknowledged worldwide, TOEFL is usually preferred by North American universities while IELTS is preferred by European and Australian universities around the world. So we suggest that you choose your test according to the country/university/course you are applying to. Both these tests have almost similar sections. Listening, reading, speaking and writing are usually the sections of these exams. So in conclusion, both have their own difficulties so choose your test based on your preferences. For more information checkout this blog-

  • If you like MCQ's and are okay with speaking into a microphone, TOEFL
    If you like in-person interviews and are more comfortable writing long answers, IELTS

    I have also heard that IELTS is easier
    But make sure the university you're applying to accepts IELTS scores

  • You can also consider taking PTE