How to upgrade from economy to business class?

  • I saw Ashish Fernando's video about how he was upgraded from economy to business class in his flight. How can I get it for myself?

  • Hey there, I'm assuming you're talking about this video-
    Well, as our awesome CEO told you in this video, it is possible for anyone to get an upgrade while you are traveling via flights for long distances. There are many ways that will help you with the upgrade. We won't deny, some are based on your luck but there are other things that you can do to get a fancy upgrade. Some of the best tips are:

    1)You can ask the agent at the ticket counter
    2) Checking in early also helps
    3)You can volunteer to get 'bumped' from an overbooked flight
    4)you can request a flight attendant to provide an upgrade if there are any seats empty in the first class.

    If you are lucky then you will get an upgrade by using these tricks.