Visa interview questions inquiry?

  • What are the basic questions asked in a visa interview? I want to apply for Ireland.

  • Hi ella,
    If you want to apply for an Ireland student visa then there are two types for international students. A 'C type' visa if your course is less than three months and a 'D type' if your course is more than three months. Typically a visa interview includes questions like 1) Why do you want to study in this particular country? 2) Why did you choose this course? 3) For how long do you wish to stay after your course completion? 4) They will cross check your documents, and there will be few questions about them. 5) They will also check whether your financial source is legitimate or not. 6) They will ask you about your scores. Things like, 'Why do you have fewer scores?', 'What is the reason for this education gap?', etc. If you do all this perfectly, you'll definitely get your student visa. If you wish to know about the universities in Ireland then check this blog out -