Part time jobs in Canada?

  • Can I work part-time when I study in Canada? Can you tell me about which part-time jobs I can do?

  • Yes, you can work part-time while you study in Canada. Most universities allow students to work on-campus while they study there and others can easily take up part-time jobs off-campus. Working part-time has its own benefits and will help you to save money and manage your finances. Most universities allow 20 hours per week for a student to work part-time. There are lots of jobs available for students. Some popular on-campus jobs are - library monitor, teaching assistance, campus tech support, university book store assistant, etc. You can check out popular off-campus jobs here-

    The average salary a student can get while doing part-time jobs is around $10-$30 per hour. If you want to know about this more then check out this blog-

  • You can work part-time for 20 hours a week on-campus or off-campus. And you don’t need a work visa to be able to do that! A student permit (aka student visa) is enough.
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