When can I ask my queries to the interviewer?

  • If I have questions to ask the university officials, when can I ask them about it?

  • Usually, any questions you need to ask the university official can be asked in 2 main ways: By emailing/contacting them or by asking them in the university interview. The contact details are straightforward and listed on the university's official website. The questions are asked at the end of the interview. It is suggested that you should ask them when the main interview is over. Asking in between will be impolite. And make sure you ask questions in a way that will not offend anybody. Most students ask questions regarding accommodation, the international community, the teaching method, curriculum, etc.
    Another benefit is that asking the right questions will also help you to create a great impression on the interviewer. It shows that you are interested in knowing about them and you know what you are getting into. You can refer this blog for more information-

  • At the end of your interview
    Wait for them to ask "Do you have any questions?"
    If they don't ask, put forth your doubts yourself