Tips to write an SOP.

  • Should I explain my grades in my SOP? I need some tips on how to write an SOP.

  • Hey Aaron, your SOP makes or breaks your application, so writing a good SOP is the most important part of your admission process. A statement of purpose is all about you, your goals, motivation to take up the course, your achievements, your hobbies, grades, experiences, etc. We all want to highlight all the good things in our SOP but it is also important for us to be honest about everything we write. Therefore, as far as your grades are concerned, you should definitely mention your scores and the reason for having low scores, but if possible, gloss over the low scores if they are not that important. For example, if your grades are good in all the semesters but one semester, then you should avoid writing it in your SOP. But if you want to write it then just give a genuine reason for it. For more info check out this blog -

  • Either don't mention your scores at all
    Or mention subject scores and highlight them according to the course you are applying for