Application process for Korean Universities.

  • Can you guide me regarding the Korean education system i.e what are the basic courses, fees, and for how long I can work there after my education is complete?

  • The Korean education system is gaining fast renown for having a difficult yet thorough curriculum. And there are both public and private universities which offer different types of courses. There are courses from Architecture to Engineering, Arts, Literature, Medicine, Linguistics, Maths, etc. The average tuition fees for a Korean university is about $4k-$5k USD per annum and the living expense for an international student is about $6k USD per annum. So, it is affordable for international students who want to study there. There are also many scholarships available. Some provided by universities and some by organizations. If you have a D-2 or D-4 visa then you are allowed to work part-time there. 20 hours for undergraduate and 30 hours for postgraduate students. But this can change depending upon the university you are applying for. Sungkyunkwan University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hanyang University, etc. are some of the most famous universities in Korea.