Want to apply for Scholarship.

  • I want to study in USA, can i apply for scholarships for studying abroad even if I have average scores?

  • "Hey Robert, the scholarships you may or may not receive. They depend upon your overall profile not just your grades. If you work on improving your overall profile with extracurricular activities, sports, social work, internships, etc. you can apply for scholarships in those disciplines. As for your average scores, you can always apply for universities which do not require high score or accept students with backlogs. There are different types of scholarships you can look for-

    • Merit-based
    • Country of origin-specific
    • Special backgrounds
    • Subject-based
    • Program-specific, just to name a few options.

    Most universities also offer their own scholarships to the students who might need them. Check out this blog, it will give you a better idea about applying to scholarships abroad- https://ischoolconnect.com/blog/how-to-apply-for-scholarships-for-studying-abroad/"

  • If the other parts of your profile are excellent, yes
    Otherwise, no