Need help writing a SOP

  • I need help writing my Statement of purpose. Can you please give me some SOP writing tips?

  • "Hey ella,

    Your SOP must be convincing and well written as it is a very important part of your application. Make sure it's under a 1000 words and written in a paragraph format. You also need to ensure that you don't copy anyone else's content. Its alright to take inspiration, but don't copy the whole format. Speaking of things you shouldn't do, while writing your SOP you should avoid boasting and bragging about your accomplishments, contradicting your own statements, having bad grammar and language, etc. You can take a look at this blog for more info-, it will give you some ideas about how to write an SOP that will impress the admissions' officers.

    You can also use iSchoolConnect's essay writing tool which helps you with your Statement of purpose as you write it! You can just check out for more info."

  • One more tip that I would like to give you is this - double space it