Is 93 as TOEFL score for US universities enough?

  • Is a TOEFL score of 93 (Reading:23,Listening:18,Speaking:22,Writing:30) acceptable by the US universities?

  • A score of 93 in TOEFL IBT is an impressive score. The recommended score by the top universities in the United States is generally 100-110 in TOEFL exam, but there are some universities will accept a score of 93 in TOEFL. Universities accepting this score are:

    1. Illinois Institute of Technology
    2. Pennsylvania State University
    3. Rice University
    4. Trinity International University
    5. University of Tennessee
    6. Georgia Institute of Technology
    7. Florida State University
    8. Florida A&M University
    9. East Tennessee State University
    10. East Carolina Unversity, and many others. Be sure to check out these universities on iSchoolConnect to know the average tuition fees, average living costs, ranks, etc.