Universities abroad for Masters in Accounting Oil and Fuel industry

  • Which college offers a course that i could pursue in "accounting" in oil and fuel industry?

  • Hey Radhika,
    Accounting in oil and gas industry is a very specialized program that not many universities provide. This makes it a tad bit competitive but with good scores and profile, it shouldn't be a problem for you to get in. The universities that provide this course are:

    1. Robert Gordon University (UK)
    2. Aberdeen University (UK)
    3. University of Dundee (UK)
    4. Colorado State University (USA)
    5. Geneva Business School (Geneva).
      I got this list from iSchoolConnect's search page. You can check them out here https://ischoolconnect.com

  • @Radhika-Dhillon US and Canada have some of the best Petroleum Engineering courses and Good Job Market. Check The Colorado school of Mines and Texas A&M University both are wonderful. Wish You best of Luck.