How can a normal student afford and apply for Masters in USA?

  • Hey, could someone guide me regarding the question please?

  • Hey Myra,
    For a Masters program, your tuition fees for the colleges in the US can vary from $10,000 - $90,000 and more. However, there are many ways to obtain financial aid and if not, there are simpler ways to recover from the money you invest into your education. The first thing you should do when applying for scholarship is to reach out to the colleges and enquiring about their scholarships and grants. Schools like MIT (Scholarships worth $39,339), Johns Hopkins University (Scholarships worth $35,195), Northwestern University (Scholarships worth $34,882), and many others offer various scholarships for international students. There are many helpful blogs that tell you all about the financial aid for studying abroad. I got my info from this blog- 'How to fund your education abroad'. You can take a look if you wish. Hope the answer helped!

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