How much GPA is needed to get into a University abroad?

  • How much GPA do i need if i want to get into a University abroad? I want to try applying for the top universities and the other ones also. So i want to know waht my GPA should be for ivy league universities?

  • Hi! The GPA criteria depends on the university you're applying for. Every college has its own GPA standards. If you're focused on Ivy League colleges in the USA, your score must be as a minimum 3.6 GPA. For the top 20 universities, the GPA considered is about 3.5 GPA. The anticipated GPA for other universities is at least 2.76 or above. All matters are taken into consideration, the minimal GPA considered is at least 2.6 or above. Reach out to us on iSchoolConnect, and we'll answer all your questions about studying abroad! 🙂

  • In short, it depends on your dream university