How to get 100% scholarship for MBA in USA?

  • Hi I saw Mr. Ashish Fernando's video on Youtube about How to get 100% scholarships. Reallt nice! So I just wanted to ask you what is the best score in GMAT that I need to get 100% scholarship?

  • Hey Manas, I'm glad to hear you liked Ashish's video about how to get a 100% scholarship! He has many other helpful videos for international students. You can check them out here!
    In answer to your question, a really high score in your GMAT exam doesn't always guarantee 100% scholarships. But for you to get into the top 20 universities, a score of 750-760 is recommended. A score higher than that can increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Other factors that have a play in this are your GPA, writing sample, LOR, your overall profile, work experience, etc. You could check this blog that will help you understand how to get into the university of your choice on a budget. Hope the answer helps!

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