I wanna study MBA in Journalism in USA

  • Is it possible for me to get into a MBA in USA for Journalism without any prior experience in the field of Journalism?

  • Hey! Getting into an MBA course in the U.S depends on the university you choose as well as your undergraduate major and your experience on the field. For an MBA, the basic requirement that most universities in the U.S need are that you should have a minimum of 2 years work experience in the field. The requirements to pursue a masters in Journalism however largely depend on the university you are applying to. While some universities accept any undergraduate degree, others specifically require you to have a bachelors degree in journalism or other equivalent courses such as Reporting, Communication, etc. If you want you can take a look at this blog to know about the top universities for MBA

  • Hi, I would suggest to join UC Berkeley program, this is a good college but you need minimum 3.0 GPA is required. Best of Luck