Study in Canada or Study in Europe?

  • I'm confused between studying in Europe and studying in Canada. Want to apply for culinary arts. Which country is better for me?

  • Hey Tara,
    While the choice of universities for Culinary arts is better in Europe(especially France and Spain), Canada is better when it comes to funding your education abroad. Canada is generally much cheaper than Europe in terms of living costs as well as tuition costs. Canada also has a sizeable international student and international resident population that should help you find more like-minded people if you are an international student too. If you need more assistance regarding studying abroad, you could contact iSchoolConnect's counsellors. Hope the answer helped!

  • If you have the needed amount of funding, I think Europe would be a great option
    But make sure you know the local language if you're going to France or Spain or Italy...apart from meeting the usual requirements, that is