Scholarships and universities in USA and Canada

  • What are the different universities that i could apply to with a GRE score between 320-325 in the U.S or Canada? Could you also tell me about the different scholarships that i could get?

  • With a score above 320 in your GRE you could get admission in quite a few Ivy League colleges in the U.S. Scholarships do not always depend on the GRE score. But scoring more than 320 might increase the chances of you getting a scholarship. Certain universities such as

    1. Duke University
    2. University fo Southern California
    3. University of Pennsylvania
    4. University of Michigan
    5. University of Minnesota
      have quite a few scholarships for their students. Other than these universities, you could avail scholarships from certain institutions such as Nehru Full-Bright scholarship, S. N. Bose Scholars program and much more. You could check iSchoolConnect's blog to help you understand the different scholarships that you can avail. You can check it out here.