I think it will change a lot of things about college admissions. First off, many of the March SAT dates were canceled, and the May SAT exams have been scrapped entirely at every domestic test site. The April 4 ACT date has been postponed until June 13 for every test center in the United States. Many schools have been closed until April 13, with some rumors that they won't open back up this school year. How will students get their senior grades? Will it affect students who were on the waitlist? Or giving conditional acceptances based on their senior year grades? Can the schools accept all of these students? And the coronavirus won't just impact US students. More than one-third of all international students are from China, and with the test cancellations and school closures, we are sure to see a huge disruption in the upcoming college admissions cycle. Already, standardized test sites for the ACT and SAT have closed in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These standardized tests are offered less frequently than they are here domestically, so international students will have fewer opportunities to take the exams as is. In addition, China has canceled English tests for the TOEFL and IELTS, which are necessary for undergraduate admissions for international students. The College Board wrote on their website that they "have notified higher education institutions and they are also closely monitoring the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation." Because of this uncertainty for international students and especially Chinese students, I think we might see a dip in international enrollments next year. While the SAT's outbreak in 2003 is not comparable to the current pandemic, we did see a 4.6% drop in Chinese student enrollments during the 2003–2004 admission cycle. Because students might not be able to take the necessary admission tests or even travel to their new universities, we might see a dip in international enrollment, but the question remains: how much? Already, we are seeing that the typical timeline for admissions is being pushed back. More than three dozen universities, including Northern Arizona University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Augustana College, have already moved the deposit deadlines back by a month. More are expected to make a similar announcement this week. For your reference please visit this blog: "Higher education in the time of covid 19"